Unprecedented flash floods

Yesterday some middle Atlantic towns like Millville New Jersey (shown) and Ocean City, Maryland were hit with unprecedented flooding. These events are not a surprise to us. We’ve had at least three “hundred year floods” in the past decade. One of those floods cost me the nicest sports car I’ve ever owned. Money Island is now accustomed to bizarre flooding.

Millville flooding

A large number of Americans, perhaps even the majority, are unable or unwilling to associate these rare and unusual flooding events with global climate change. In my opinion, it takes a significant amount of study and understanding of climatology and public reaction to climate change deniers to reach the conclusion, as most scientists have, that the two issues are connected. They wonder how a freak sudden single weather event can be caused by changing climate conditions. This lack of information and specifically the high dollar amount of resources spent by climate deniers devoted to preventing Americans from understanding this science is a serious concern.

My own conclusion has been that until the “rich and famous” people start losing their shoreline homes and investments, we won’t give this issue the attention it needs.


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