FEMA fraud story moves to new heights

It looks like our Washington DC meetings, press conference and demonstration yesterday (that’s me in the middle of this photo) are having the intended impact. By the time we got back to NJ last night there were stories about the new evidence of a second round of systematic FEMA fraud were running in NJ.com, The Daily Caller and USA Today. There seems to be enough evidence that the 2015 agreement to address earlier fraud in Sandy insurance claims through a second independent review was, in itself, an entire scam in itself.

The story is complex and multi-faceted; I would not do justice to try to summarize it here. But I can say that I heard first-hand from at least five people who had encountered fraud and are willing to come forward, present evidence and give sworn statements. They impress me as credible individuals with no reason to embellish their stories.

We met with Congressman LoBiondo and thanked him for his past efforts to help us. I told him that nothing has changed here at Money Island since his office attempted to help us find money to rebuild in 2013. I will follow up with the Congressman and our two Senators this week in attempt to keep the ball rolling.protesting at FEMA


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