The sand truck pipeline

Route 553 is the southernmost road running east-west across the bottom of New Jersey. This month it has turned into a sand truck pipeline with seemingly endless numbers of dump trucks bumper to bumper rumbling through our rural towns. What’s especially notable is that the trucks are headed to different destinations. I’ve noticed six destinations so far and there must be more.

I’ve tried to understand the logic but my elementary understanding of the laws of physics gets in the way. Most of us have seen the impact of rising water on sand after we build a sandcastle on the beach. As far as I know the majority of sand has quickly washed away at every site that New Jersey has chosen to apply this trucking method. As water levels continue to rise, sand is redistributed by wave action and tidal flow into areas of deeper water. The trucked sand seems especially likely to clog nearby boat channels as was apparently the case in the nearby town of Fortescue.

It would be useful to read some logical scientific justification as to why we continue to follow this practice of trucking sand to washed-out shorelines.

sand trucks
My SUV pulling a trailer of dock repair lumber surrounded by dump trucks for hauling sand lined up at Wawa on Sharp Street in Millville



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