Dear Comcast: stop discriminating against rural communities

Comcast advertisements

Dear Comcast:

Every week for at least the past three years we receive letters from you office inviting us to become business customers. Today we happened to receive two of these solicitations in the mail, which prompted me to write this response.

We would love to be your business customer. But we can’t. You haven’t elected to install cable in our community. Despite the massive efforts by me and my neighbors, government and community groups, you have ignored the many arguments as to why it would be a smart strategy for your company. The continued denial of internet access in rural communities has become a major impediment to commerce, education and quality of life here. You seem to dismiss the negative impact on your company’s public perception by refusing to provide service to some rural communities. We cannot imagine why.

May I suggest that if you simply stopped sending these many useless solicitations in the mail, the money saved might be used might be used to actually install the cable line on our road that you have quoted would cost your company $28,000. I hope that your management and shareholders will soon realize that the action of not installing cable in our rural community is costing your company far more than that.



Tony Novak
BaySave Corporation





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